Inspiration From Doe Deere’s Interview By Ideamensch

Most people know Doe Deere for being the founder of one of the biggest makeup brands in the world. Her brand, Lime Crime is known for introducing rare and bright colors to the market. It is the brand that you will find every unicorn vegan rocking. The brand has a nail polish, eye shadows, primers, lip stick, brushes and most recently a hair dye line.


Aside from being a successful businesswoman, Doe Deere is one of the most phenomenon motivational speaker. She is mostly concerned with helping women achieve their dreams of being successful investors. Here are a few tips that you could take from Deere.



Treat Your Employees, Vendors and Clients Well


Without the vendors, you cannot get the right raw materials for your products. You need to treat them right so that they can treat you in the same way. You will also need to show respect to the people that work for you. He way you treat them is the way they will treat your clients. And if clients are not treated right, of course they will move to the next vendor.



Dealing with Challenges


Challenges will always be there, regardless of the industry in which you are in. The best way to deal with challenges is to think of them as a learning experience. If your customers were badly affected by the challenge, take that time to educate your clients. Winning their trust is the goal here. Assure them that you are doing whatever you can to ensure that such a setup never recur.



Believe in Your Ideals


Avoid negative people who tell you that you cannot do something. But if they cannot be avoided, don’t listen to them. if you think that you have a great idea, don’t let people stop you. People used to tell Deere that it would be impossible to make women buy lipstick online. But, look at her business now.



About Doe Deere and Lime Crime


Doe Deere is of a Russian descent but was raised in New York. She grew up in an environment where fashion is key and where people love to evoke controversy. That is how her love for bright colors grew. From bright clothes to bright everything, including hair and makeup.


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Noticing Complaints And Compliments

The Internet has made it possible for all of us to become commentators on the world around us. In particular many people are interested in posting their opinions about the various businesses that they interact with. This is critical to business owners because the comments that are made by people on the Internet have an actual impact on how well those companies do. makes note of the fact that new laws are coming into place which will make it clear that people have the Constitutional right to post whatever it is that they want about any business or product.  Those agreements as it turns out do not have any value on a legal basis.

Since this is the state of affairs, businesses should think about what they are going to do when people inevitably post something they don’t want to see on the Internet. According to Status Labs reputation management firm, t is said that about 90% of people read reviews of a business they are not familiar with before they make a purchase, particularly a big one. Given this, you should not ignore the comments made by people online.

Even if the comments you see about your company online seem ridiculous to you, do not dismiss them. There is some chance that other people will see those comments and believe every word of them. Given this reality, you must try to fight back. You can do so by clearing up the facts, offering assistance to those who have complaints, and simply making sure the right information about your business is out there.

Think about all of the damage that could happen if you allow people on the Internet to continue to say bad things about your business without at least challenging these comments. This is something that we all have to deal with in the world we currently live in.

You can quickly see what is going on in the Internet forums by simply searching your company’s name on a search engine.

Arthur Becker – New York City Entrepreneur

Having been an investor with big developers like Robert Gladstone, Michael Stern, and Kevin Maloney, Mr. Becker has decided to put his own name on a deal. The eight unit building would have a projected sellout of 52.5 million. Mr. Becker, who began his career as a homebuilder, told The Real Deal that the interiors of the project will be designed by Paris Forino. The property at 465 Washington will consist of one penthouse duplex and seven simplex apartments. Prices will range around $14 million for the penthouse and $5 million for the units. As of this date, Mr Becker has invested $550 million dollars in New York city projects; he has been an investor with PMG and the condo development by Madison Equities. The site at 465 Washington has a two year construction plan in the works, and Mr. Becker is currently seeking a $25 million loan for the construction.  To know more about Arthur, visit his bio on

From 2002-2010, this company provided technology and application management services to customers in the United States and the United Kingdom. Mr. Becker was also been a senior advisor to the Vera Wang fashion company for seven years. He is currently the Chairman and CEO of Zinio LLC, a Managing Member of Madison Partners, LLC,, which is an investment firm that focuses on early stage Bio-Tech projects and real estate, was one of the co-founders of Atlantic Investors, LLC., and has served as Vice chairman and a director of Clear Blue Technologies.

According to Crunchbase, Mr. Becker received a Bachelor of Arts from Bennington College, with a major in photography and ceramics, and later went to business school at Amos tuck at Dartmouth, where he received a Masters in Business Administration.

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Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water Is Winning Accolades

The water of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water has its origin in Hawaii. This is through snowmelt as well as the rain that falls on the serene peak of Mauna Loa volcano. This means that water is sourced from the snow that is on the peak of Mauna Loa. This is the largest subaerial volcano of the world.

This water gets naturally filtered as it moves through porous volcanic rock that extends for thousands of feet. Hence there cannot be purer or cleaner water. Post this, the water gets bottled and becomes Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water.

This resulting product is Waiakea Water. It is rich in electrolytes as well as essential minerals. It is unusually alkaline. This is why Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water has such a distinctive sweet taste.

It is also aimed at helping those who are less fortunate. Hence Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is the first Hawaiian bottled water that has been certified as being carbon neutral.

Another impressive feature of the company is that for every liter sold, Waiakea is donating 650 liters to a number of communities around the world including Africa, who need clean water. Learn more about Waiakea Water:

This is triple bottom lined highly unique, premium bottled water. It is declared as the Best Water Brand for 2017 by 10 Best Water. This is because of the purity as well as the taste of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water. In addition, this company has taken second place in the category of social good. It has got first place in its category as the Best Volcanic Water for 2017.

Forbes recently published that Waiakea Water has been able to move ahead of many other established names that have been around for a much longer time. These would include brands including Fiji, Voss, and Evian besides Icelandic Glacial, and SmartWater and still, emerge as the winner. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water has won in its category and overall too as bottled water brand.

Waiakea Water has not won this award for the first time. In fact, it is for the third time in a row that the brand has won and occupied the top spot on the list. According to PR Newswire, this is a clear indication of how popular Waiakea Water is with the consumers as well as critics too for a number of reasons.

Madison Street Capital Is Now Into Minority Recapitalization

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm. Now it is acting as an exclusive financial advisor. This is being done while arranging for a minority equity as well as subordinated debt investment. This is being done for its client, namely, ARES Security Corporation.



This Corporation is based in Vienna, VA. It is a leading security risk management company. It is involved in providing end-to-end security solutions that are comprehensive. This minority recapitalization will be provided by Corbel Structured Equity Partners. The news of this transaction was made by Charles Botchway who is the CEO of Madison Street Capital. It had been formalized by the Senior Managing Director of Madison Street Capital, Reginald McGaugh.



He stated that he was delighted to work with the President and Shareholder of ARES Security Corporation, Ben Eazzetta during this investment. This is because Ares Security is well known for offering high-end technology solutions. These are designed to protect the most critical assets that the world has today. The Company is also known for its highly professional management team, and hence they had to identify an appropriate financing partner for them.



The President of Ares Security, Ben Eazzetta has also displayed his appreciation for Madison Street Capital. He is delighted with the amount of work they have done for Ares Security in 2016. He was highly impressed with the process that included initial due diligence followed by valuation analysis leading to the process of raising capital.



Ares Security has determined that Corbel will help to structure the investment in a creative manner that will lead towards creating highly significant equity value for them. The flexible capital solution provided by Corbel along with its supportive partnership will help the Company to maintain its sales momentum. There will also be new revenue opportunities through the bench of industry contacts offered by Corbel.



Madison Street Capital reputation is built on integrity and excellence. They believe in effective leadership along with delivering corporate advisory services in an efficient manner. They have proven skills in merger and acquisition, besides providing valuation services to the public as well as private businesses. Hence they are able to position their clients to succeed in the highly competitive global marketplace. Madison Street Capital is viewing emerging markets driving the global growth of clients.

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Brian Bonar Improving Upcoming Business

Brian Bonar is well-known entrepreneur he attained his bachelor’s degree in Technical Engineering and at James Watt Technical and Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Stafford University. He has contributed to the developing of many companies.

His proficiency in the section of business has made him prosper due to him showed the path when he was upcoming. He is able to begin a business that can achieve more and become prosperous.

He is associated with finance due to the better deal when the business is concerned. His management in many businesses is realized by a lot of people. A Certain organization that has been managed by him are Dalrada Financial Corporation, Smart-Tek Automated Services. Now he is the manager of Trucept Incorporated.

He also engaged in much other leadership in other different organization apart from Trucept. He was procurement manager at IBM and then he went to QMS where he was in control of engineering and managed more than 100 people.

According to Crunchbase, Brian Bonar has accomplished a lot by and was well awarded in various awards including Who’s Who in America award in the year 2000. Through his daily work and period he has always made sure that he provides adequate services to his customers.

Trucept is a company that is committed to supporting little and upcoming business in order to achieve their goals. Staff payroll and supervision staff welfare and human resources authority.

The organizations which have been supported by the company are very proud because the only thing they see is their business plan and everything else is taken care by Trucept. The company also esteems and respects the goals of the businesses they help to proper.

The company also delivers long-term strategies to other companies. Brian Bonar continuously helping people by directing them to innovate, improving and giving the solutions to companies that face many challenges.

EOS Founders Reveal Secrets to Success in Exclusive Interview with Fast Company

EOS lip balms, or Evolution of Smooth,, are everywhere. Just seven years ago, the bright-colored lip balms made their debut, and now, from beauty blogs to magazines, they are basically everywhere. Before now, however, the secret to the company’s success has been mostly unknown, but the founders have revealed some of their methods in an exclusive interview with Fast Company.

One of the keys to the company’s success lies in their marketing techniques: a target demographic. While most lip balm companies focus on unisex or vague marketing demographics, women the primary purchasers of lip balm. Armed with this knowledge, the EOS company selected millennial women as a key demographic and sought to forge connections via social media, beauty blogs, and other channels.

A second crucial aspect to their plan was the development of a unique method of delivering the lip balm. The pastel-colored orbs that are now so familiar were the result of careful planning and consideration.

Designed to engage all five senses, the iconic orbs feature unique colors, a smooth texture, and unique blends of scents. The combination of a new and unique product with a targeted demographic has propelled EOS to second place in the lip balm market. Currently, the company is only outpaced by Burt’s Bees.

Finding a buyer wasn’t easy at first, though, and no one wanted to take a chance on the product. But eventually, the founders caught their big break and ever since EOS lip balms have been flying off the shelves. The products are being sold by large scale stores such as Costco, Target, Wal-Mart, eBay and Amazon. EOS currently sells 1 million units per week and growth for the company is projected to continue as Well.

To learn more about EOS and the company’s success story, check out the full interview here.


Mike Baur Excellent Business Methods

Mike Baur is a successful man in his long journey of his career; he is an entrepreneur and investor. He has served in banking for over 20 years therefore attaining a lot of experience. He attained his MBA from Rochester University in New York and also an MBA from the University of Berne. He started banking as an intern at UBS, he moved on and converted to be a board member of a private bank in Swiss. He maintained and developed banking and business wisely due to his expertise in an entrepreneur. He and Meister and Oliver Walzer are the co-founders of Swiss Startup Factory, he is part of the executive chairman of the company to. He lives in Switzerland.


Mike Baur consumes a lot of time in assisting potential upcoming entrepreneurs in establishing their business in order to achieve their goals. Through his expertise he shows and passes to people in the universe in order people can improve their business. He also mentors and counsels a lot of young entrepreneur in Switzerland since he lives there. The other support he gives entrepreneurs is giving them financial assist. He also directs people on the right way that not only one can be better in business but again one can be a better as an administrator.


In the year 2014 is the when Swiss Startup Factory was launched. The company continuously flourish has led it to be well-known as the top independent private organizations. The company searches for driven entrepreneurs who prepared and are able in order to assist them to attain their objectives. The company offers a three-month course that helps the entrepreneurs; the course is able to mature potential entrepreneurs. The services in which they give are mentoring, finance and working space, it is situated in Zurich.


Swiss Startup Factory has many responsibilities such as generating exceptional organization that will prosper in the future. The focal branch is in Switzerland where the errands are being done mostly. Furthermore the workers at Swiss Startup Factory sustain a strong working relationship between them in order they can prosper.


The potential entrepreneurs are competently assisted by the company so that they can show their expertise and be rated by the company. The main goals of Mike Baur in the company are to helping entrepreneurs to target high on their business.

Anthony Petrello: The Man Behind Nabors Industries Advancements And Research In Neurology

Nabors Industries is one of the world’s leading oil drilling contractor companies and owner of the largest rig fleet in both land and offshore operations. It started off as a local oil drilling company in Alaska but is now based in Houston, TX and is currently led by Chairman Anthony Petrello. Petrello worked closely with former CEO and well-known investor Eugene Isenberg in building a company that developed not only proprietary mechanical technologies and advanced science in drilling techniques, but also in software and automated systems. In addition to being Chairman and CEO of Nabors, Petrello is also on the board of Hilcorp Energy and the Texas Children’s Hospital.

He attended Yale University where he received both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in advanced mathematics, and even studied under one of the pioneers of modern day Algebra, Professor Serge Lange. After finishing at Yale, he began to look more closely at law and finance, so he enrolled at Harvard University’s law school where he got his J.D. He then entered practice at Baker & McKenzie law firm where he guided many affluent clients through corporate legal issues. In 1991 he left the firm and brought his expertise to the executive boards of Nabors Industries. In 2011 he became Chairman when Eugene Iseberg stepped down.

Carena had a form of leukemia when she was born that affected her nervous system and she was later diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Anthony Petrello has said this was a life-changing experience for him and it began to change what he was passionate about. He looked into finding treatment and possibly a cure for Carena’s condition, but none of the physicians he consulted could do anything for Carena. So he decided to get involved with funding research for neurological research centers, and he met Dan and Jan Duncan who had become very interested in funding research and even had a research facility at the Texas Children’s Hospital named for them. Anthony Petrello has donated upwards of $7 million into research and hopes that he and Dan Duncan can inspire others to give to the cause.

Nathaniel Ru Starts Sweet Green



Starting a new business is a lot of hard work. Nathaniel Ru has always had a passion for starting a company and providing great products for his customers. Many people look up to the success he has had in a short period of time. He took a relatively new concept called Sweet Green and made it a regional success. The trend of healthy eating is one that is here to stay. He has been able to take advantage of this trend to increase his sales substantially in recent years.


Nathaniel Ru


When Nathaniel Ru first started out in business, he was lacking in both experience and capital. He had to raise and borrow the capital that he used to expand his business. Over time, he should continue to have great success in the world of healthy eating with Sweet Green.


Future Planning


When it comes to starting a business, you always have to be thinking many years out. Nathaniel Ru is already planning what the next five and ten years need to look like in his company. He is a great example of what careful planning can do to your business. Even though he did not have a lot of capital when he started, he was able to raise it from investors because he had a great business idea. Healthy eating is a trend that will continue to grow, and his company is going to benefit from that growth. If you are wanting to start a company, Nathaniel Ru is the perfect person to learn from. He started out his company from nothing, and he has grown it into a viable regional brand. There are a lot of people who want to follow his example in this growing industry. Sweet Green is expected to double the number of locations it has in the next few years.