Ethics Policy & Disclosure Statement

Our ethical and editorial policy has one overarching goal:

To always do the right thing for our readers.

While we do accept compensation and/or complimentary travel as a part of our business model, it is our reader who is our true customer. Everything we do has those readers – travel consumers – in mind.

Our aim is to give our readers the best information we can find to help them make informed value luxury travel decisions. We’re small publishers, and believe that niche sites such as ours can provide relevant content to sophisticated and demanding readerships. We’ve spent years earning the trust of our audiences and our peers, and aim to keep our stellar professional reputations in travel, tourism and publishing intact.

Here are the principles that we follow for our Value Luxury projects, regardless of its size or scope:

  • We accept sponsored and/or compensated travel: The economics of our business require the support of our advertising partners and sponsoring organizations to help us get a true picture of their travel products, so we can make appropriate recommendations to our readers.  This is a common practice in our industry.  We promise to do our best to observe, experience, and report back, with honest opinions.  It’s our job.
  • We disclose:  Features or articles from Value Luxury Network publishers will contain appropriate disclosure statements when compensation or complimentary travel was received.  These statements maybe phrased in various ways – “this trip sponsored by…,”  “this trip was made possible by support from…, “ etc.
  • We state our true opinion: We only work with advertisers and sponsors who give us the flexibility to do this. If someone asks us “to only write good things,” we aren’t interested. (Having said that, they are our opinions and experiences – a reader’s mileage may vary.)

The members of the Value Luxury Network thrive because of the professional reputation that all of us, both singularly and as a group, enjoy within the travel industry. We take our ethics seriously – and our readers expect nothing less.