Charcoal Soap and Black Mask Reviewed by Kim Dao

Famous Aussie vlogger and blogger Kim Dao recently put ten of Japans top rated beauty products to the test. Kim Dao is known for her famous top ten product lists that also include travel tips when visiting Japan. The products she reviewed are mostly easy to find in local Japanese drug stores and are mostly low cost. Sumi Haigou Settuken Charcoal Bar Soap was one of the products that Kim Dao tested out. This bar soap is black from the main ingredient which is charcoal. Upon opening it Kim noted that it has a very earthy aroma to it. Charcoal is fabulous for cleansing since it pulls dirt out of your pores. This soap is gentle enough to be used on the face. It is not meant to be a makeup remover but it will cleanse a face where the makeup has already been removed. Charcoal soap is known to be a skin tone neutralizer and will help even out skin tones. Another Japanese beauty product that Kim Dao reviewed is the Kose Cosmeport Clear Turn Black Mask. This mask also contains Japanese herb medical grade extract. This has been a number one selling product in Japan for ten years. This mask contains penetrating beauty serum which will also moisturize and tighten the skin. Each mask is packaged individually and you simply open up the packaging and place the mask directly on your face. The mask rests on your face for about ten to fifteen minutes. When you lift the mask off you will notice it is still soaking wet with moisturizers. More products reviewed by Kim Dao can be viewed here.

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