A Fast Growing PR Firm

Inc. magazine has named Status Labs to its 500 fastest growing companies. This growth is measured over a 3 year average and Status Labs has grown 1,099%. It was named one of the fastest growing private companies. Status Labs is an online reputation and public relations firm. They continue to be on the cutting edge because they work on their digital reputation services. ORM is a growing field where a company works on how their brand is viewed online.

Through the direction of President and CEO, Darius Fisher, Status Labs has been able to improve its ORM area and its client base to include Fortune 500 Companies. Fisher feels honored to be named among the top 500 companies. His team’s hard work has been recognized. He also has increased their SEO, digital, and marketing campaigns.

This 500 list comprises a list of American independent entrepreneurs, and the ones who are the most successful. The list includes companies like Yelp, Pandora, Zillow, and LinkedIn. These companies are ones who built their companies and have grown tremendously over the last three years.

Status Labs is a digital public relations firm headquartered in Dallas but with offices in Sao Paolo, New York, and Los Angeles. Darius Fisher has offered advice on online reputation management in several publications, and is one of the leaders of this field.  The company offers services for public relations, marketing, and crisis management. This company has been profiled in New York Times, New York Post, and US News.

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