Oncotarget Provides Modern Revolutionary Information on Cancer Treatment

Cancer has claimed many lives for years. Being among the leading medical problem in the world, scientists and researchers have massively invested in finding treatment solutions for the disease. Currently, scientific research offers many platforms for treatment through policies and effective drug use. In the past, cancer was a mystery to medical practitioners and families. With the onset of technology, researchers have been able to conduct progressive treatments and therapies. One way in which scientists have invested in finding treatment options is through Oncotarget. The peer-reviewed journal offers a clear understanding of diseases and treatment.  Mikhail Blagosklonny provides insight on cancer and the newly available treatments through Oncotarget.


The global initiative towards a world free of diseases is continuously gaining momentum. Towards this end, organizations and governments have adopted modern research-based platforms for treatment. Oncotarget is one of the best platforms for bridging the gap between the current knowledge on medical issues and the new insights on the same problems, treatment. The journal has largely contributed to treatment through the weekly-published articles. The publishing of found researches through Oncotarget has massively aided in the fight against cancer as well as other diseases.


Oncotarget additionally capitalizes on the effects of management programs as well as modern therapeutic agents on patients through the quality of life. This journal emphasizes on the importance of drug adherence to patients. It explores the proof behind current and existing therapies about the improvement of outcomes. Oncotarget seeks to define the usage of medication and treatments concerning eventual uptake as well as acceptance by the health care providers to patients. Recently, the journal featured an article on the effects of e-cigarettes on health. Unlike the common misconception that e-cigarettes have no health hazards, Oncotarget highlighted that e-cigarettes have adverse effects on the gum. Oncotarget is published by Impact Journals


Additionally, the journal indicated that there is a new subtype of cancer. The open source peer-reviewed journal plays a critical role in distributing information on cancer treatments, therapies as well as other diseases. With Oncotarget in the medical field, the society is headed to a disease free world. Oncotarget is also available on Dove Press.

George Soros – Survival and Formation of a Wise Man

Mr George Soros is among the most profitable and powerful businessmen in the world. He Is a company owner, a philanthropist, a writer, and he has also been extremely active in politics not only in the United States of America but internationally as well. He has been a part of the political reconfiguration of many countries.

Mr George Soros is originally from Hungary. He was born in 1930 into a Jewish family under the surname of Schwartz. Although his parents were not practising the Jewish religion at the time, the family was still under prosecution from the German Nazi force. When Mr George Soros was at the age of six, his father Trividar Schwartz changed the family surname to Soros. The name comes from the artificial language Esperanto, and it means ”will soar”. Time was extremely difficult for the family as it was for every jew both practising and non-practicing. Mr George Soros was able to stay in his hometown Budapest after his father bribed an official to take him in. He also bought some forged documents that identified him as Christian. Most people at the time would do that to protect themselves and their relatives and children. Learn more on Biography about George

Together with his family, Mr George Soros moved to England in 1947. He attended university there – The London School of Economics. During his time at the LSE, Mr George Soros became deeply familiar with the works of the philosopher Karl Popper. He was taken with the works of Mr Popper who also thought of the LSE. Mr George Soros was greatly influenced by the book the open Society and Its Enemies. The book and the ”open society” that I and Popper talked about became a part of the ideology of Mr George Soros. Later, he spoke about Mr Karl Popper as his ”spiritual mentor”.

Currently, Mr George Soros is based in New York City. He is on the list of the 50 richest people alive. He is the founder and owner of the company Soros Fund Management. Mr George Soros has been using him the immense fortune of $13 billion in his personal bank account to influence the world of politics through large donations. As a philanthropist, he has been directing his help towards causes that support minorities, and that represent the idea of an ”open society” which is essentially a society that does not involve discrimination based on descent, skin color or religion. Know more on investopedia.com about George Soros

As a writer, Mr George Soros has published several works. The topics vary between philosophy, politics, and finance. His latest book was published in 1991 under the title of Underwriting Democracy, and it is on political thematic. His works also include his personal beliefs and key moments of his life that shaped the person he is today.

An Open Letter To Warren Buffett About His $1 Million Charity Wager

In a recent open letter to Warren Buffett, Tim Armour analyzed the wager made Buffett made in regard to the $1 million charity donation. In this wager, Buffett challenged hedge fund investors to continue investing the way they always do.

However, Buffett felt that it was an under utilized method of increasing a client’s portfolio. Overall, it appears that Buffett will be winning this wager, so Tim Armour wrote an open letter to him for all to see, supporting Buffett in his ability to show the benefits of these low-cost, long-term stocks.

Armour stated that if the S&P, low-cost, long-term stocks are fully investigated, they can be very beneficial to a client’s portfolio and their financial future.

According to Timothy Armour, these stocks do not provide a cushion in the near future. They can build up substantial value over time. These stocks should be used for clients as an added bonus, but not as an only option.

On the other hand, many hedge fund managers do not utilize them enough, which should change. It is important that hedge fund managers begin to utilize these low-cost stocks for clients who are breaking into the market, and those who are looking to gain a little extra cushion in the far off future.

Who is Tim Armour
Tim Armour is the CEO of Captial Group. He is also a well respected investment advisor who speaks out regulary about what is going on in the investment world.

Learn more about Tim Armour: http://www.investmentnews.com/article/20150729/FREE/150729863/capital-group-parent-names-armour-chairman-replacing-rothenberg

Capital Anesthesiology Association’s Clinical and Administrative Excellence

Have you ever heard of the organization known as Capital Anesthesiology Association? If you don’t reside in the Austin, Texas area then you probably haven’t heard, but this organization provides some of the best clinical and administrative services for it’s line of work. Since it’s inception back in 1973, Capital Anesthesiology Association has steadily grown, brought in innovative technology, and it has added to it’s remarkable clinical staff. Today it has up to 80 doctors under it’s umbrella as well as 130 certified registered nurses. Some of the finest individuals walk these halls on daily basis.

The organizations administrative staff is just as important as it will support and all patients/clients that are in need of service. By doing so, this action takes away the frustration of having to deal with insurance carriers and the billing process. These highly educated staff members works as a team to meet the high demands of it’s patients. Creating a mentally and physically comfortable environment is the goal here and no one does it better than Capital Anesthesiology Association. This place has an amazing 40+ years of experience and uses every bit of it to make for a smooth transition.

Individuals whom are looking for a career in medical care can be trained and educated here as well. CAA has the knowledge, know-how, and expertise to do so whether you’re a nurse anesthetists, paramedic, or medical student. CAA is truly clinical and administrative excellence.

At Professional Network: https://www.linkedin.com/company/capitol-anesthesiology

The Fabletics Brand is the Best Brand for Athletic Women

Fabletics has managed to become one of the most prolific companies when it comes to the sale of clothes for women. There are a ton of women that are interested in clothing from a company such as this. It has become one of the most incredible companies for people that want to get clothing that is comfortable and affordable. That is a very rare combination, but it is obvious that Kate Hudson has been working hard to bring this type of clothing into stores and to anyone that wants to buy clothes online.


There are literally thousands of different styles that one can choose from when they sign up for Fabletics. It is interesting for some people that have never visited the website to find out how many different selections are available. Some people will simply check out as a guest when they shop, but many other people may sign up for the VIP membership. When they sign up as a VIP member they get the chance to save money and there are also other fun perks available. This is what Kate Hudson uses as a competitive advantage against Amazon.


Fabletics has become one of the companies that women look for when they are trying to build their wardrobe. Many women may go to department stores if they’re going to simply pick one or two garments for their work out. Women that are trying to build a wardrobe, however, are going to want to engage with a company that has an abundant number of choices. That is why this company has become the leader in this type of clothing. It gives people access to a wide selection of clothes that are not found anywhere else.


This company has managed to even compete which other bigger companies like Amazon. Many people may not see how this is possible in the early stages of development, but Fabletics is the type of company that has managed to grow in a way where it can compete with Amazon. This staggering amount of growth has a lot to do with the presence of Kate Hudson on social media. She has proven that her brand is unique, and the large variety of clothing may be more than what Amazon can actually offer. Amazon offers a large variety of clothes and other products, but Kate Hudson and her Fabletics brand is exclusive to clothes only. That means that it is a brand that will be perfect for anyone that simply wants to check out athletic clothing only.


The cofounders of Fabletics already had a business model in place to get this company to the point that it is at right now. People were already familiar with the sister company JustFab so that made it much easier for consumers to embrace what Fabletics brought to the table. Fabletics has become the best company for athletic females.

Inspiration From Doe Deere’s Interview By Ideamensch

Most people know Doe Deere for being the founder of one of the biggest makeup brands in the world. Her brand, Lime Crime is known for introducing rare and bright colors to the market. It is the brand that you will find every unicorn vegan rocking. The brand has a nail polish, eye shadows, primers, lip stick, brushes and most recently a hair dye line.


Aside from being a successful businesswoman, Doe Deere is one of the most phenomenon motivational speaker. She is mostly concerned with helping women achieve their dreams of being successful investors. Here are a few tips that you could take from Deere.



Treat Your Employees, Vendors and Clients Well


Without the vendors, you cannot get the right raw materials for your products. You need to treat them right so that they can treat you in the same way. You will also need to show respect to the people that work for you. He way you treat them is the way they will treat your clients. And if clients are not treated right, of course they will move to the next vendor.



Dealing with Challenges


Challenges will always be there, regardless of the industry in which you are in. The best way to deal with challenges is to think of them as a learning experience. If your customers were badly affected by the challenge, take that time to educate your clients. Winning their trust is the goal here. Assure them that you are doing whatever you can to ensure that such a setup never recur.



Believe in Your Ideals


Avoid negative people who tell you that you cannot do something. But if they cannot be avoided, don’t listen to them. if you think that you have a great idea, don’t let people stop you. People used to tell Deere that it would be impossible to make women buy lipstick online. But, look at her business now.



About Doe Deere and Lime Crime


Doe Deere is of a Russian descent but was raised in New York. She grew up in an environment where fashion is key and where people love to evoke controversy. That is how her love for bright colors grew. From bright clothes to bright everything, including hair and makeup.


Read further at http://guestofaguest.com/los-angeles/interview/interview-lime-crimes-doe-deere-on-how-to-make-your-dreams-come-true.

Noticing Complaints And Compliments

The Internet has made it possible for all of us to become commentators on the world around us. In particular many people are interested in posting their opinions about the various businesses that they interact with. This is critical to business owners because the comments that are made by people on the Internet have an actual impact on how well those companies do.

LVB.com makes note of the fact that new laws are coming into place which will make it clear that people have the Constitutional right to post whatever it is that they want about any business or product.  Those agreements as it turns out do not have any value on a legal basis.

Since this is the state of affairs, businesses should think about what they are going to do when people inevitably post something they don’t want to see on the Internet. According to Status Labs reputation management firm, t is said that about 90% of people read reviews of a business they are not familiar with before they make a purchase, particularly a big one. Given this, you should not ignore the comments made by people online.

Even if the comments you see about your company online seem ridiculous to you, do not dismiss them. There is some chance that other people will see those comments and believe every word of them. Given this reality, you must try to fight back. You can do so by clearing up the facts, offering assistance to those who have complaints, and simply making sure the right information about your business is out there.

Think about all of the damage that could happen if you allow people on the Internet to continue to say bad things about your business without at least challenging these comments. This is something that we all have to deal with in the world we currently live in.

You can quickly see what is going on in the Internet forums by simply searching your company’s name on a search engine.

Arthur Becker – New York City Entrepreneur

Having been an investor with big developers like Robert Gladstone, Michael Stern, and Kevin Maloney, Mr. Becker has decided to put his own name on a deal. The eight unit building would have a projected sellout of 52.5 million. Mr. Becker, who began his career as a homebuilder, told The Real Deal that the interiors of the project will be designed by Paris Forino. The property at 465 Washington will consist of one penthouse duplex and seven simplex apartments. Prices will range around $14 million for the penthouse and $5 million for the units. As of this date, Mr Becker has invested $550 million dollars in New York city projects; he has been an investor with PMG and the condo development by Madison Equities. The site at 465 Washington has a two year construction plan in the works, and Mr. Becker is currently seeking a $25 million loan for the construction.  To know more about Arthur, visit his bio on Angel.co.

From 2002-2010, this company provided technology and application management services to customers in the United States and the United Kingdom. Mr. Becker was also been a senior advisor to the Vera Wang fashion company for seven years. He is currently the Chairman and CEO of Zinio LLC, a Managing Member of Madison Partners, LLC, http://madisonpartners.nyc/, which is an investment firm that focuses on early stage Bio-Tech projects and real estate, was one of the co-founders of Atlantic Investors, LLC., and has served as Vice chairman and a director of Clear Blue Technologies.

According to Crunchbase, Mr. Becker received a Bachelor of Arts from Bennington College, with a major in photography and ceramics, and later went to business school at Amos tuck at Dartmouth, where he received a Masters in Business Administration.

You can visit his website Arthurbeckerstudio.com.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water Is Winning Accolades

The water of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water has its origin in Hawaii. This is through snowmelt as well as the rain that falls on the serene peak of Mauna Loa volcano. This means that water is sourced from the snow that is on the peak of Mauna Loa. This is the largest subaerial volcano of the world.

This water gets naturally filtered as it moves through porous volcanic rock that extends for thousands of feet. Hence there cannot be purer or cleaner water. Post this, the water gets bottled and becomes Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water.

This resulting product is Waiakea Water. It is rich in electrolytes as well as essential minerals. It is unusually alkaline. This is why Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water has such a distinctive sweet taste.

It is also aimed at helping those who are less fortunate. Hence Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is the first Hawaiian bottled water that has been certified as being carbon neutral.

Another impressive feature of the company is that for every liter sold, Waiakea is donating 650 liters to a number of communities around the world including Africa, who need clean water. Learn more about Waiakea Water: http://www.aquagrade.com/bottle/waiakea-hawaiian-volcanic-water/

This is triple bottom lined highly unique, premium bottled water. It is declared as the Best Water Brand for 2017 by 10 Best Water. This is because of the purity as well as the taste of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water. In addition, this company has taken second place in the category of social good. It has got first place in its category as the Best Volcanic Water for 2017.

Forbes recently published that Waiakea Water has been able to move ahead of many other established names that have been around for a much longer time. These would include brands including Fiji, Voss, and Evian besides Icelandic Glacial, and SmartWater and still, emerge as the winner. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water has won in its category and overall too as bottled water brand.

Waiakea Water has not won this award for the first time. In fact, it is for the third time in a row that the brand has won and occupied the top spot on the list. According to PR Newswire, this is a clear indication of how popular Waiakea Water is with the consumers as well as critics too for a number of reasons.

Madison Street Capital Is Now Into Minority Recapitalization

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm. Now it is acting as an exclusive financial advisor. This is being done while arranging for a minority equity as well as subordinated debt investment. This is being done for its client, namely, ARES Security Corporation.



This Corporation is based in Vienna, VA. It is a leading security risk management company. It is involved in providing end-to-end security solutions that are comprehensive. This minority recapitalization will be provided by Corbel Structured Equity Partners. The news of this transaction was made by Charles Botchway who is the CEO of Madison Street Capital. It had been formalized by the Senior Managing Director of Madison Street Capital, Reginald McGaugh.



He stated that he was delighted to work with the President and Shareholder of ARES Security Corporation, Ben Eazzetta during this investment. This is because Ares Security is well known for offering high-end technology solutions. These are designed to protect the most critical assets that the world has today. The Company is also known for its highly professional management team, and hence they had to identify an appropriate financing partner for them.



The President of Ares Security, Ben Eazzetta has also displayed his appreciation for Madison Street Capital. He is delighted with the amount of work they have done for Ares Security in 2016. He was highly impressed with the process that included initial due diligence followed by valuation analysis leading to the process of raising capital.



Ares Security has determined that Corbel will help to structure the investment in a creative manner that will lead towards creating highly significant equity value for them. The flexible capital solution provided by Corbel along with its supportive partnership will help the Company to maintain its sales momentum. There will also be new revenue opportunities through the bench of industry contacts offered by Corbel.



Madison Street Capital reputation is built on integrity and excellence. They believe in effective leadership along with delivering corporate advisory services in an efficient manner. They have proven skills in merger and acquisition, besides providing valuation services to the public as well as private businesses. Hence they are able to position their clients to succeed in the highly competitive global marketplace. Madison Street Capital is viewing emerging markets driving the global growth of clients.

For more information, visit http://madisonstreetcapital.org/.