If you are a yacht enthusiast, you have probably heard about famous routes in Greece, Italy and Croatia. Even if you are not that much into boating, or just starting to get acquainted with marine culture, you still might have seen beautiful pictures from famous yachting destinations in those countries. Mediterranean in general is very famous for its marine routes – besides aforementioned destinations, there are hidden gems throughout the whole region, that are definitely worth a visit. Spanish, French or even Turkish destinations are great for a week or a couple of days of sailing under the white sail, and would also be a great alternative to a stay in a hotel. And even though you may be familiar with all those destinations, there’s still a numerous number of different destinations to explore – after all, Earth is 70 percent water, so we can assure you that you have barely touched the surface with the most popular world yacht charter destinations. Today, we’d like to introduce you to some of the most well hidden gems in the Gulf and Indian Ocean regions. So without further ado – here they are.

United Arab Emirates

Chances are you might have heard of United Arab Emirates in context of Dubai – a city lots of people consider to be the center of world tourism. And though Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab are still attract huge crowds, Dubai keeps introducing new attractions every single day. But being a home to one of the most advanced man-made marinas in the world, this city surely has a lot to offer to yacht enthusiasts from around the world. To rent a yacht in Dubai means to rediscover this magical Arabian city from a completely different perspective. A private yacht cruise in the city is a great chance to see all the local attractions from water, have a view of a futuristic Dubai skyline and dip your toes into the crystal clear Gulf waters.


Another great country that many people do not really consider a cruising destination is Thailand –  a perfect place for a Paradise on Earth. When you think about Thailand, you, most probably, think about busy and loud streets and neon lights at night. But believe it or not, Thai destination have been on the rise for the last couple of years, and we expect them to become even more popular in the next decade. The region is particularly famous for hidden beaches, coves and private lagoons – most of them out of reach for a pedestrian. Rent a boat in Thailand though, and a whole new world is upon you – the one where you can finally test your new diving equipment, or even have your private sunset dinner alone on a whole island. Trust us – if you have ever though about a place for a perfect getaway, you definitely need to start booking your yacht in Thailand right now.


Another great candidate for your next yachting getaway is Maldives – another hidden gem of the Indian Ocean. With its white beaches and never-ending sunshine, this part of the world is surely to become the next big yacht charter discovery for the marine audience throughout the world. But while it’ still fairly unknown among the yachting crowd, you still have a chance to leisurely explore the region, while slowly sipping a drink on board of your private yacht charter. The best thing for a boating enthusiast to do here is to engage in an all day island hoping – tiny pieces of land are densely scattered throughout the region, so you’ll have no shortage of new islands to discover. Beware – once you start, it’s very hard to stop and get back to base.


Now that you’ve made up your mind about the next destination you are going to, it is time to start planning. Lucky for you, there’s a fast and convenient way to get your yacht charter online, without any phone calls or enquiries. CharterClick lets you book a yacht in 53 countries of the world in mere minutes, and delivers an instant booking confirmation right to your inbox once the payment is processed. You’ll get a direct contact of your captain, along with Google Maps pin of where exactly your boat is parked. Once you have a boat booked, get an idea of where you can go and what exactly you should be looking forward to once on board. And most importantly – enjoy your trip at its fullest.


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